DJ Shadow Explains Ditching His MPC + James Brown Collection

October 15, 2008


Many debates have taken place over who the king of drum programming is.  Solid arguments will always be put forth for J Dilla, but depending on how you classify music and what genres you include, DJ Shadow is another name that’s sure to arise as a contender.  Lucky for us DJ Shadow has returned to his reader Q&A to directly address questions or misconceptions that may plague fans of his work. 

Check it out as he talks samples, collecting James Brown artifacts, and reasons for ditching the Akai MPC 60 and MPC 3000 as his main production tools.

"At the time, in 2002, I felt as though ‘The Private Press’ was the best record I could ever make on the MPC, and I was eager for a change. It was also important to me that I not get stagnant and start repeating things I had done in the past. So I switched it up and forced myself to "go back to school," in a sense. I felt that if I refused to rely on the MPC and learn new techniques my music would change, for better or worse, and change was what I craved most."

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