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Bay Area Producers Conference (San Francisco)

May 27, 2009


The Bay Area Producers Conference will take place on Saturday July 25th, 2009 in San Francisco.  With a early bird price of $45, the one day conference promises attendees including notable Bay Area producers Traxamillion, Sean T, and Rick Rock.

Panels & Events Include:

  • Surprise Key Note Speaker
  • Making Money With Your Music
  • Open beat battle
  • Working With Managers To Achieve Your Goals
  • Beats & Rhymes As A Business
  • The Truth About A&R
  • Artists Panel
  • Producer’s Brainstorming Session
  • Honorary Producer Award Presentation

Bay Area Producers Conference
Saturday July 25th, 2009
Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco
Early Bird Registration: $45

See Bay Area Producers Conference for more info.

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